Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let's Hear it for (D-Ca) Senator Barbara Boxer!!

I was watching Senator Barbara Boxer on Rachael Maddow, when I heard her say what I have been saying all along. She will be telling her colleagues on both sides of the aisle, that if they don't support the public option part of the Healthcare Reform bill, then they must drop their own public healthcare. This is something that I have been calling for whenever I call and vent my frustrations on the latest member of Congress who has earned my wrath, which lately has been quite a few.
Listen up, REPRESENTATIVES! That is what you are, that is what we pay you to do! Represent! If government-sponsored public option healthcare is good enough for you, it damn well is good enough for the least of us!
Thank you, Senator Boxer. Your voice is one of the things that we need in addition to ours to help get this passed.

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