Friday, September 11, 2009

On this day, 8 years ago...

On this day, eight years ago, the world was changed forever. One minute, it was all full of promise, hope, and dreams, the next minute, a black cloud from the burning jet fuel of a plane that crashed into one of Manhattan's signature buildings, one of the twin monolith's that made up it's majestic skyline, spread not just over lower Manhattan, but over our hearts, our minds, our rationale. It spread over the world. It spread over our freedom, and most of all, it spread over, and choked the life out of, our symbol of truth.
I am not going to write much, just this:
9/11/2001 - Do Not Forget.

As an addendum to this article I'm posting this link and this link and asking one question; WHERE WAS THE AIR FORCE WHILE FOUR AIRPLANES FROM TWO MAJOR AIRLINES FLEW AROUND OUR SKIES FOR THE BETTER PART OF AN HOUR THAT FATEFUL MORNING? - dd

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