Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FreedomWorks is NOT free!

While viewing my last post, something came to me. How can sites such as really claim themselves free, when in fact, they are slaves to the insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies, and laboratories that make the overpriced drugs that, if desperately needed, the average American can't afford to purchase?
I went on to where you can donate, and came across some interest things. They claim they are a "...nonprofit, nonpartisan education and advocacy organization". Nonpartisan must mean this: the organization is headed by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, otherwise known in Germany as Schwanz Coastguard, House Majority Leader under the Repugnican control. The president of FreedomWorks is none other than Matt Kibbe, former Chief of Staff and House Budget Committee Assoc. for U.S. Representative Dan Miller (R-FL), from 1993 to 1996. Kibbe is the same guy who was quoted in Politics Daily (posted 8/10/09) in regards to inciting Health Care chaos as saying that his people were "not nearly as rowdy as a high school football game". Nonpartisan, my Ass!
Going back to the donations page of the site: for $100, you can be in the Ronald Reagan Circle. For $500, you can be in the Barry Goldwater Circle. Readers, I'm sure that neither Barry Goldwater, nor running mate William Miller, father of liberal talk show host Stephanie Miller, would want anything to do with a site that allows an ad that depicts the President of the United States as Hitler.
Another thing; guess who said, "Folks, you've got to get to know this organization. They have been doing a great job all over the country educating people"? Good old former President George Dubya Bush. And he would know, he knows good edumacation, 'cause "Children's do learn"!
Nonpartisan? Yeah, right.
People, don't be fooled. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...we won't get fooled again"! I wonder if The Who ever collected on royalties for that flub.
This talk about the government coming between you and your doctor? Really? What do you think that the insurance companies have been doing all this time, as anyone with a pre-existing condition will tell you. We are the only industrialized nation on this big rock that doesn't have a public health care OPTION. What was that word? Oh, yeah, OPTION: that thing that means you get to CHOOSE. Young people, this DIRECTLY involves you, because you guys won't be able to afford it when you decide to have a kid, if you want it done in a hospital. Unless you are rich. And old people- If you don't want socialized medicine, DROP YOUR MEDICARE! Because what do you think that Medicare is? It's government-run health care! Do you understand that? People like Sen. John McCain has been on it for quite some time now. As are the majority of government workers. They use public, government-run health care! Get it? If you don't, I'd suggest you quit watching Glen Beck.

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