Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mark Kirk has Assues

Representative Mark Kirk, the republicker for the 12th district (right next to mine) in Illinois must have a man-sized tube of Preparation H in his office and I can understand why. Pulling things from your ass can have serious consequences, not the least of which are hemorrhoids.

This isn't spin, or opinion, or half truths, or obfuscation. It's a fucking lie.
The last time I was subjected to his stupidity he was claiming that stronger marijuana would lead to OVERDOSES (of what? Twinkies?) and cause more traffic deaths.
First of all, NO TRAFFIC DEATH HAS EVER, EVER been attributed to pot - don't believe me, look it up - and second of all, do you think that someone who drinks regular Bacardi would have the same number of drinks if they had Bacardi 151 in them?
Mark Kirk is either ignorant or lying. Neither of which serves the people of his district.

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