Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Socialized Slapdown Challenge - Hannity is My Bitch!

I have a challenge for the reality challenged. Hannity, I'm talking to you. I know you won't accept. Because it might expose your audience to something they have never seen before - the truth.
I hereby challenge you to a Slapdown.

These are the rules:

The host goes first. He has to limit himself to one (1), solo una, nur ein, of his out-of-his-ass claims about health care. NOT one of his rambling, bullshit laden screeds that his equally fact deficient guests understands, not so much as question but as a queue to nod and repeat the talking points.
If I can prove that he's lying, I get to slap his fat ass as hard as I want to.
Then I will state a fact about Health Care. If he can prove that I'm lying, he can slap me as hard as he can.
I will bring two fact checkers from and Hannity's free to bring two message pigs from his menagerie. If THEY are found to be lying, I get to slap them too.
The facts are the final word.
By the time I'm done with this big-assed, bloviating, blow-dried blowhard bitch, he may not have come over to the idea of COVERAGE FOR ALL, but he'll be free to go to the emergency room of his choosing.

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