Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stab at them with their own Sword

I was listening to radio great Randi Rhodes on my iPhone the other day. It was a back issue, as usual, and she was talking about how the website, Freedomworks, was sending out a mass mailing for its members (or tools, which ever you prefer) to "sign" and forward on to Representatives like Zack Space, Baron Hill, Mike Ross, Jim Matheson, Jane Harman, and Charlie Melancon a petition to go against "ObamaCare". Well, must I remind you, that you, too can use the powers that they have against them. Just go on to Randi's twitter page, or you can use this, just click on the link: and change the wording a little. Change " Vote No!" to "Vote Yes". Then hit send message, and you will be campaigning to help America once again. You'll have an impact if you do this. If enough people do this. Good luck!

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