Friday, August 14, 2009

the healthcare reform clusterfuck

Yesterday I called Senator Chuck Grassley’s office and asked in a hillbilly voice “is it true that they wanna put my gramma to death with this “death panel” that Gov. Palin talked about?”. The staffer on the other end told me “yessir, that is a fact”. I asked in my billybob voice “is Mr. Grassley a Christian?”. “Yes” replied the young staffer.
Then in my regular voice “why would a Christian ask you to LIE?”
… she hung up.
Mathematically speaking, if any part of an equation is wrong the whole equation is wrong. Therefore, if any part of a statement is a lie, the whole statement is a lie.
If you have to abandon facts for your own ego, you’ve lost.
If you have to lie to support your side of an argument, you’ve already lost.

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